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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

When it rains, it pours!  I feel like Charlie Brown's friend Lucy throwing her hands up in the air and screaming "aaargh!"  We have had about 3 weeks of illness in our house and I am going stir crazy!  On top of the fact that my dishwasher AND my vaccuum cleaner broke in the very same week!  And yet still on top of the fact that every chance I actually get to get out of the house we get an epic storm, with another expected imminently as my latest migraine so clearly announces.  This past weekend we actually went out in a colossal downpour just so I could get out of the house!  My poor husband just wanted to curl up and fall asleep listening to the rain but politely indulged me, knowing I was already clawing at the walls.  And it was the best lunch-date I have ever had!  I didn't even mind that Georgetown Cupcake had a line going out the door and down the block (yes, even in the rain) so that we had to go to another fancy bakery, which of course, didn't even compare to the yumminess of Georgtown's red velvet!   Aaaargh!

Lest I be heard to be complaining, I am really not.  Even the worst day at home with my Baby Boy is better than the best day at the office.  Even sticking close to home and wiping a snotty little nose is a privilge that I know will soon be over.  Nothing compares to tiny little hands planting themselves on my temples so that little dripping nose can smash itself against my cheek in a spontaneous "kiss" with a look of sheer glee that says "look what I learned to do, Mommy!"  These days will be over so fast that I simply wouldn't trade a single one for all the tea in China!  So, even as the furballs roll across my floors like tumbleweeds, I am resolving to hunker down with a squirming toddler for yet another Baby Einstin video without getting impatient or bored.

Some day soon I hope to be back and posting - got some great material for my book club post - but for now it's back to snotty noses...

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  1. I agree that the worst day at home with a little one is definitely better than any day at work :)) Hope you all feel better soon and the weather starts clearing up xoxo