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Monday, January 31, 2011

Favorite Things - Weekly Planner

Today is Monday, and I just have to share one of my new favorite things. It is a weekly planner and if you are a list-maker, like I am, it will become one of your favorite things, too! I can sit down on Monday morning and write out a list of everything I have to do that week. Then I can organize my list per day, per weekend, next week and "snowball in hell!" Don't think I don't have "snowball in hell" filled out, either, because I am constantly over-listing myself with far too many things to do that get pushed into the snowball category! I love the fact that it is basically my to-do list organized in a days-of-the-week format so that I can prioritize what I've got to do and get a realistic idea of when certain things will or will not get done. This one is made by Knock Knock and you can find it (along with a lot of other cool stuff) at www.knockknock.biz. And speaking of other stuff, I really like that "Rate that Wine" pad. If I can figure out what to do with the completed sheets then I just might get it, too...

Happy Monday!
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  1. I have a planner that I do this exact thing with! It's my saving grace! :-) Thank you SO much for your kind words and stopping by my blog. Angie @7clowncircus is one of my Fav people ever. I'll be posting an interview next week with her, so watch out for that! :-)

  2. Thank you for your gorgeous message on my blog :) I'm definitely a list/planner person with too much obsessiveness for my own good - not a good mix with infertility ! Looking forward to sharing it with you all :) xo

  3. Thank you for your gorgeous message on my blog :) I'm definitely a list/planner person with too much